It’s Only Tuesday I’m Afraid

The poets have been castrated
And now they just play for scraps
Meanwhile the golden child
Gets blown while going in the black

It’s grotesque and it’s insulting
It’s decadent and inhumane
But it’s only Tuesday
I’m afraid

The painters have all been hired
By the advertising agencies
To paint Vincent van Goghs
For the drug companies

It’s grotesque and it’s insulting
It’s decadent and inhumane
But it’s only Tuesday
I’m afraid

Some clown just ate a spider
Now they’re throwing him a parade
Some slut is crying for the camera
While swimming naked in champagne

It’s grotesque and it’s insulting
It’s decadent and inhumane
But it’s only Tuesday
I’m afraid

Having fun in Boise, Idaho 8/19/2014

End of Tour and Back to the Heat


I’m finally back in Austin after being on tour with Shinyribs in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado.  Tomorrow I will resume my regular posting schedule.  It’s hotter than hell here, of which I have had a brief respite from in the last twelve days.  Here is one of my favorite bands, Marah, playing their song Long Hot Summer.  If you don’t know who they are I highly recommend that you check them out.  

Kindness as Defiance

I see death
At every bend in the river
In the peaks of mountains
Where nothing grows
And in the backstreets of the city
Yet despite this,
Given my own limitations
Of character and chemistry
Of which there are many,
I try my best to be kind
And to treat others with love
Not because I am afraid
Of what will happen
When I die
For I will not let fear dictate my life
But to spite and defy death
And if there is a God
Who allows such a cruel master
To lord over us here on earth
Then Him too

The Texas Highway 8/10/14

Tour Poetry Day 10: Shitcanned in So and So

Whenever I return home from a trip
And people ask me how it was
I tell them if it was good or not
Then I convey one or two humorous stories
And leave it at that
Most people are asking out of politeness
And don’t actually care how your trip was
As the character Kenny Powers once said:
“I went to space and back like Neil Armstrong
And no one gives a shit.”
If someone wants to know more
I let them lead me there
But even if they do indeed genuinely care
How do you tell them that the world
Is both bigger and smaller
More beautiful and insane
Then could possibly be described anyway?
You can drive from Canada to Texas in one day
Yet each home along the way
Possesses its own secret universe
The likes of which
We will mostly never know
There are junkyard artists and opera buffs
People full of humility, kindness, and intelligence
And others that seem to be channeling
Unique, one of a kind, supernatural information
That they obtained through head injuries, acid flashbacks
Or best of all
That old-timey religion
It takes all kinds
To make the world spin, spin, spin!

Back on the home front
When I do meet that rare curious individual
I will happily find myself
In an meaningful conversation
About what a strange, wonderful, frustrating, mysterious
World we live in
But most of the time at a party or bar
I just tell someone
About how I got shitcanned in so and so
While I tilt my drink back to a 90 degree angle
And await the oncoming blackout 

Denver, Colorado 8/9/14

Today is the last day of the Shinyribs tour.  We play in Amarillo tonight and then tomorrow we head back home.  I’ve enjoyed doing this little experiment, where I tried to write a poem for each day of the tour.  If it is something you like message me and please let me know.  I haven’t decided yet if this is going to be a regular feature or not when I’m touring.  It is both fun to challenge myself to come up with something every day, and convenient as it allows me to post more when I don’t have the time to write longer pieces.  However, one should always be careful of running an idea into the ground…


Tour Poetry Day 9: Struggle to Survive

Days come and go
Without much occasion or meaning
You were there and now you are here
Often we remember great feats
Or great depravity
But the everyday struggle to survive
Fades away into the ether
If you are half intelligent
And have some awareness of what is going on
Around you
To just to walk out the door in this world
You either have to be tough or crazy
So my hat is off to you
If you can manage
Such a small yet incredible task
With any degree of dignity and kindness
Although if you have surrendered your intellect
To magical thinking
I’m deducting points

Paonia, Colorado 8/8/14


Tour Poetry Day 7: A Day Off

A day off
I want to be like Tom Sawyer
Running through the wilderness
With a fishing pole
Casting a line out
To see what bites
But I’m older now
And I know that
If you aren’t careful
You may pull something in
That you don’t want
Why is it that queer personality traits
That seemed cute as a child
Start to stockpile
And close in on you
More and more every year?

You must fend them off
Like Saint George
The Dragon Slayer
Or you just might find yourself
In a shitheap of trouble
Trust me, I know people
That have gotten
Quite squirrelly 
Over the years

Ridgway, Colorado 8/6/14


Tour Poetry Day 5: Imperfect Cities

In La Rochelle, France
I once walked the crooked streets
In awe of its civilized beauty
Before long I noticed
There were no advertisements
Except the painted store signs
Crafted with careful elegance
By local artisans
Today, as I drove through the mountains
Of western Colorado
Where every bend in the road
Left you awestruck with wonder
It felt good to be free
Of the oppressive billboards
And the garish lighted signs
That fill so many of our cities
If only we had more self respect
We would tear down these aesthetic horrors
This blight upon our culture
And then maybe, even our imperfect cities
Built by the fallen hands of man
Might also stand a chance
Of wonder

Steamboat,  Colorado 8/3/14

Tour Poetry Day 5: On the Way to the Void

A hotel breakfast room TV commercial
A family dances under a disco ball
While camping in the woods
All thanks to their new car!
A small piece of my brain dies
I creep one step closer to death
And it wasn’t even the worst of them!
How could so much time and money
Go into something so stupid?
I’m not really asking that
I both know why and will never know why
Even monkeys slinging shit at the zoo
Must serve some kind of base evolutionary function
This was just nonsense
On the way to the void