Shows, Shows, Shows

This is a rundown of this week’s Shinyribs show, as well as current upcoming solo gigs.

Shinyribs this week (All Texas):

Thursday – Fort Worth – Capital Bar – 9pm – Free Show
Friday – Lubbock – The Blue Light – 11pm
Saturday – Roscoe – The Lumberyard – 8pm

Kev will also be playing at the Volcano in Houston tonight at 8pm I believe.  This is a solo show and I will not be making it.

Get more info at:

Solo gigs on the books are at Strange Brew in ATX:

November 5th – 6pm – with Kacy Crowley
December 21st – 4pm – with Kacy Crowley

Basically the gigs with Kacy are song swaps, although my partner in crime, Alex Moralez, comes out and plays drums, and I will play bass when Kacy is singing.  I am working on building a solo website, but it will probably take a little time as I am pretty busy between gigs and working on a campaign to get public transportation passed in Austin.  I love Austin, but the traffic here is pretty hellish.  If we could fix that it would be a huge step forward.  We are trying to get the first major step in public transportation passed this November, but all the usual people are fighting it.  The city is supposed to double in size by 2040, so if we don’t do something now it is going to only get worse.

So anyway, at some point I will build a website, and I should have footage of the TV show I did coming to me so that y’all can here what my solo material sounds like.  I hope to make an album at some point next year, as soon as possible.  Working on getting more solo gigs which I will hopefully announce soon.

in the future when all’s well…


Threadgills Tonight


Tonight I’ll be playing Threadgills in Austin with Shinyribs.  The link above is to the show information.  Threadgills is one of my favorite hangs and places to see music in Austin.  I don’t always come across in person as super approachable, but this is not by design.  If you see me and want to discuss, argue, condemn, or debate anything I have written here I am always up for a good conversation.

Shameless Self Promotion Part 1,006

Tomorrow night I’ll be playing live on Infynit Hour.  It will be me solo with my partner in crime, the great drummer and percussionist Alex Moralez.  If you are in the Austin area you can watch it live on Tuesday, October 7th on Channel 10 from 10:30 to 11pm.  Those of you not in the Austin area can see it on their YouTube channel:

Check it out and see what we’ve been cooking up.  This will be my first solo TV appearance and only my second solo show.  Into the fire!

In the future when all’s well…

Jefferson Brown

Jefferson Brown Solo Show Today at 4pm in Austin at Strange Brew

Cockney Rejects East End Babylon Film Trailer:

Watching this to get in the zone for my solo show today at Strange Brew at 4pm.  It will give you an idea where my head is at.  Today is a song swap with friend and songwriter Kacy Crowley.  In Austin, Texas at 4pm.  Don’t miss my maiden voyage!

My First Solo Show


Solo Show

The above link is to the information concerning my first solo show this Sunday in Austin, Texas at Strange Brew (An incredible sounding room) at 4pm.  It will be a song swap with friend and fellow Austin artist Kacy Crowely.  I’m trying not to go the typical acoustic guitar/singer songwriter route.  I’ll be playing electric guitar and be backed up by the amazing percussionist Alex Moralez.  This is uncharted territory as I have always performed my songs with my brother Ben.  I am both scared and excited.  If you are in town on Sunday come join me on my maiden voyage.  My aim is to leave you pregnant with thought.

In the future when all’s well…


Are We Having Fun Yet?

Rain permeates the air
Like a shit mist
Headed to Oklahoma
A territory
That some confuse with a state
The Indian Tribes were marginalized there
(That’s a euphemism)
And replaced with the Pick-up Truck Tribe
If that’s progress
Then I am a Yeti
Much of life is perspective
I have heard many jokes
At Amarillo’s expense
But Amarillo feels like Paris in the ’20s
Once you have spent time in Oklahoma
I have a friend who spent time
In Uganda and Afghanistan
She said, “Afghanistan made Uganda
Look like the future.”
You get the idea
Yet there are good people here
As there are everywhere
If life teaches one anything
It is that stereotypes and assumptions
Will one day make you look the fool
I suppose someone might want to string me up
For writing these words
A stupid end to a meaningless life
Game on
Have at it
Are we having fun yet?

Lone Star Crazy


An interesting, yet super depressing, article about my current home state of Texas from Rolling Stone Magazine.  I would like all of you that are not from Texas to know that Texas is way more diverse than most people think. Unfortunately, the idiots are in charge right now.