New marijuana PSA mocks Maureen Dowd’s very bad trip

New marijuana PSA mocks Maureen Dowd’s very bad trip via @Salon

I’ve always found Maureen Dowd’s punditry to be a joke.  Her articles seem to be catty high school gossip pieces that are about her trying to show how clever she is every bit as much as they are trying to educate the readers.  Something like this was bound to happen eventually.  You reap what you sow. 

The Herd Mentality of “Experts”

All these effing geniuses: Ezra Klein, expert-driven journalism, and the phony Washington consensus via @Salon

A really interesting article that I think has a lot of truth to it. 

“The Conformist”: An unsettling political masterpiece returns

“The Conformist”: An unsettling political masterpiece returns via @Salon

This article in Salon made me really want to see this movie.  It is also nice to see a long form piece about a work when so many reviews are becoming shorter and shorter. 

David Vitter: The Life of a Douchebag

David Vitter: Cancer prevention, wildlife nonprofits are “bogus propaganda disguised as science” via @Salon

Other than my title what more is there to say?  The above article is about how Vitter is trying to destroy environmental regulations while he has a spot on the Environment and Public Works Committee. 

Press Failures After 911

Jill Abramson’s sad admission: “I don’t think the press, in general, did publish any stories that upset the Bush White House” via @Salon

This is an interesting story about how the press failed the American public in the years of the Bush administration,  specifically in the years after 911.  Without a strong press, that speaks truth to power, democracy cannot function properly.  Our press has been horrible in recent years.  Thankfully there are still people like Matt Taibbi and Glenn Greenwald out there.  

Faster Than Comcast

Comcast’s worst nightmare: How Tennessee could save America’s Internet via @Salon

Great article about how public utilities are serving customers better than the telecommunications companies.  It shows both that public investments are sometimes better than private companies, and if big corporations lose they will abandon their free market principles faster than rats on a sinking ship. 

Police Throw Flash Grenade in Crib

A SWAT team blew a hole in my 2-year-old son via @Salon

I have talked quite a bit about how our police force is becoming militarized.  A good deal of this is because of the military-industrial complex.  Weapons from our endless wars are making their way home.  The war on drugs, even though there have been improvements on some fronts, continues in its degrading absurdity.  Although I find libertarian economic policies to be utopian and unrealistic, I do agree with them when it comes to personal freedom.  This topic should be one place liberals and certain elements of the right should be able to reach an agreement on. 

In other news my computer is still down which is making it hard for me to do more long form writing.  Hopefully this will be a problem solved soon.