The Fear of Education

The Right’s Fear of Education

The above article is by a former military man and right winger on why there is a dislike of education by some on the right.  (Most recently put in the news by Scott Walker and his people in Wisconsin.)  I don’t think that all on the right dislike education.  However, there does seem to be a strain of modern conservatism that is doing its best to strip it of anything but the ability to provide people with the skills to be a worker bee.  I think this writer has a plausible theory at least.  Discuss…

Majority of Worst States Republican Controlled

Majority of Worst States Republican Controlled

I almost didn’t post this.  Even though I am clearly liberal,  and I occasionally can’t help but go on a diatribe against someone like Scott Walker, I try to keep the percentage of partisan articles to a minimum.   But the more I thought about it, the more I thought maybe there is someone out there that doesn’t have the information in the above article.  Maybe they will stumble here to read a music post and somehow end up reading about how the majority of states that have poor life quality are controlled by Republicans.  Then I felt like maybe it was worth it. 

My main goal in writing is always to make YOU think.  It is not to get you to agree with everything I say.  But assuming that lots of different people are going to read this, one has to realize that different things are going to make different people think.  Eventually you just learn to trust your own gut, to write what you believe, and that unless you know, without all certainty, your own audience, that that’s the best compass you have. 

But yes, these states are sociological experiments for the ages…

It’s not that all Republicans are bad.  It is that the modern strain of Republican that is often in power, as moderate Republicans rarely are anymore, are almost always bad.  This is due to gerrymandering.   This is also due to certain political decisions like the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, that allow the wealthy to pollute the process more so than in years past. 

So much to say, so little time…

Canada and Keystone XL

Canada and Keystone XL

Well looking up a little background information on the Keystone XL Pipeline, which Obama thankfully vetoed, I came across this Rolling Stone article.  It explains Canada’s politics in connection to big oil and to the pipeline.  It’s worth a read if you want to get a broader perspective on the topic.

Obama Vetoes Keystone XL Pipeline!

NYT: Obama Vetoes Keystone XL Pipeline

This is news I have been waiting a long time to read.  Obama has vetoed the Keystone XL Pipeline.  This is not only a great day for the environment, but a great day for our country as well.  Our President has made the only sane decision concerning this bill.

For those of you that aren’t sure why this is such a good day for our our country, here is one of the many articles that points out why Keystone XL was a bad idea:

The Pipeline From Hell

Black Site Discovered in Chicago

Chicago Black Site Discovered

The Guardian has just put out an article, one which Huffington Post is also headlining with, that claims that there is a secret black site used by the Chicago Police to interrogate U.S. citizens.  This site is being compared to CIA black sites that are used overseas in the War on Terror.  I find this scary, but not surprising.  This seems to me to be the endgame of years of fighting a war in which the boundaries haven’t been clear.  All throughout our War on Terror our police here at home have become more militarized.  A lot of the gear that has been used overseas in the War on Terror has made its way stateside.  There are also tactics that have made it home from these wars.  But while soldiers main job is to subdue a hostile population, unless they are on a peacekeeping or humanitarian mission, the police should be working alongside the community.

I think that there are two additional things one should keep in mind.  The first is that there is a history of law enforcement abuse in this country.  A great place to read about this is in Tim Weiner’s book Enemies: A History of the FBI.  Obviously there is a difference between the Chicago Police and the FBI.  However, both are domestic law enforcement, and the book will give you an idea of how those in power abuse the law for political purposes.  The other book that I keep recommending is Matt Taibbi’s The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap, a book that examines the way that justice is applied differently to people depending on their economic background.  I think the fact that there is a history of abuse is important.  J. Edgar Hoover often punished people he viewed as “communists and subversives”.  (left wing)  If you know that history and combine it with what Taibbi says about modern times, while looking at this new information in light of the overall War on Terror, it’s not that hard to see how we ended up here.

Netenyahu Intelligence Proved False

Netenyahu Intelligence Proved False

The above link is to a Guardian article that states that the intelligence that Benjamin Netenyahu used to say Iran was a year away from a nuclear bomb was false. 

Look it is not as if I have any special information on this subject.  However, if you examine enough articles about Netenyahu over time, one can’t help but feel he is a bad actor on the world stage.  Israel’s policy under him is not only highly questionable, but it is a fact that he is trying to influence U.S. politics as well.  The sooner he is discredited, the better.