The Savage Poor and the Art of Bill Lanier at SquareRut Kava this Friday

The Savage Poor - Logo

My band, The Savage Poor, will be playing in Austin this Friday at SquareRut Kava.  The event goes from 8pm to 10pm.  I’m especially excited about this gig as our friend, Bill Lanier, will be displaying some of his art, photography, and other images at this show.  I’ve always wanted to do more shows that combine music with other art forms.  Bill’s photography is amazing to see in person.  He is also going to be projecting some images during our show in a nod to Andy Warhol and The Velvet Underground during their Factory days.  This is a free event and it really is going to be a special one if you happen to find yourself in the Austin area on Friday.

For anyone that hasn’t been visiting here regularly, The Savage Poor just released a new single that is available for free download here:

Stay (Trouble in Mind Remix)


Marah On Tour

One of the best American rock bands, Marah, is going on tour this weekend.  They will first be in Fort Wayne on the 9th, Indiana, and next be in Chicago for two shows.  (10th, 11th)  If you are in either one of those areas I highly recommend going.  I will be very jealous of you.

I will admit that I am making a record with Dave and Christine of Marah right now, but I assure you that I am not biased in any way.  I had all of the Marah records long before any kind of friendship was established.

Drop whatever plans you had and go.  You won’t regret it.  Here are the details:

Marah Shows Page

My New Band, The Savage Poor, at the Saxon Pub Tomorrow Night

Savage Poor Saxon

My new band The Savage Poor will be playing the Saxon Pub tomorrow night, June 5th, in Austin, Texas at 10pm.  The band consists of myself, my brother Ben Brown, drummer Alex Moralez, and bassist Roger Wuthrich.  This is without question a rock n roll band, but like the Clash rock n roll is more the attitude in which we approach a stylistically diverse set of songs.

Sunday night is a tough sell, but feeling good on Monday morning is overrated.  Join us and take joy in the fact that you will be able to freak out your coworkers Monday morning when you look like you have been to space and back.

We will not “just shut up and sing”.  We will make you think and question all while shaking your hips.  So many forget, but rock n roll is meant to be a subversive cultural force.  It just happens it is one that you can party, celebrate, and sweat during as you have your mind expanded.

Listen to our latest single and B-side here to get two of the many shades of our color palette:

Everyday American Thoughts – New Single Release

Shinyribs West Coast Tour

Shinyribs tour chart

When Tiger Anaya put this up, who is one half of the Tijuana Trainwreck Horns and who plays with me in Shinyribs, the first thing I thought was, “Holy fuck I am going to need to buy some more shit to do for 50 plus hours in a van!”  That route doesn’t even detail the obvious route home from our last stop to Austin, which is probably another 20 something hours.  I’m not used to seeing the whole route mapped out.

Anyway, I love the West Coast and I will be in some part of it or another for the next two weeks.  We head out for it tomorrow.  If you live there are would like show details go here.

Shows This Weekend and Books, Music, and Television Worth Checking Out

Shiny ribs Show Page

I’ll be performing back to back shows tonight at Strange Brew in Austin, Tx with Shinyribs.  The first one is sold out and I have a feeling the second one will be as well.  If you want to go, get your tickets now.  Tomorrow we are in the Fort Worth area.  You can get all the details up above.

Yesterday I watched the latest episodes of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and Real Time with Bill Maher.  I also finally viewed Alex Gibney’s Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief.  I was struck by how all three of these programs were more informative than anything on cable news.  They were also more interesting and entertaining as well.  The documentary was a serious piece by an award winning filmmaker, so it it is no surprise there. The other two are comedy shows that talk about current events.  Comedians are still our biggest mainstream truth tellers, even after John Stewart and Stephen Colbert have gone off the air.

I’ve been reading Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose.  It is a murder mystery that takes place in an abbey in 1327.  But it uses the genre of the murder mystery, although with a historical twist, as a jumping off point for discussions on religion and philosophy.  It’s amazing the amount of visual and historical detail he is able to pack in, while still holding the reader’s attention throughout.

Next month features a host of records that I am really excited about.  New records by Darlene Love, New Order, Iron Maiden, and Public Image Ltd. all make appearances.

Shinyribs In San Antonio and Beaumont This Weekend

Shinyribs Shows

I’ll be on the road briefly this weekend, in San Antonio tonight and in Beaumont tomorrow night, with Shinyribs.  We’ll also be in Austin and Fort Worth next weekend.  All details up above.  I believe the Beaumont show is already sold out.

Here is us playing the cut Baby What’s Wrong from our newest album, Okra Candy, on The Texas Music Scene.   Funnily enough, the show’s host, Ray Benson, is originally from Pennsylvania, where I am also from.

Playing 'She's About A Mover' With Shawn Sahm

Here is the Shinyribs band playing the Sir Douglas Quintet’s She’s About A Mover with Doug Sahm’s son Shawn Sahm.  Cheryl Sahm posted this on Facebook earlier today and it was actually the first time I have seen the footage.  It was a great night of fun.  Just thought I’d share it with all of you.

Live Music Tonight

For those in the Austin area, I will be performing tonight at Volente Beach with No Show Ponies.  I’m excited for this show as I will get to perform with my brother Ben, who is in Austin for a limited time only.  It’s adult swim out there so the show is 18 and up only.  Tickets are $9, which gets you to hear a whole night of live music, along with swimming and water rides.  I was skeptical to play what is primarily known as a water park, but everyone I have talked to speaks highly of the place and especially their adult swim nights.  We are the last of several bands and we go on at 10pm.  We will be performing songs off of our album, A Manual For Defeat, and more.


Tonight my band No Show Ponies will be playing at Hole in the Wall in Austin at 9pm.  I try not to over promote my own shit on here, as I want this site to have value in and of itself.  However, tonight is a special show as my brother moved away a year ago and this is one of the very few times we may get to play music together for the immediate future.  Above is a Joe Strummer song that we often cover.  “Going to the Mountaintop”!

If you want to hear us here is a link to our record that we recorded two years ago in Austin with Ramsay Midwood at the helm.  Recording mostly live to some quarter inch analog tape.  You can stream the album in full.

Growing Up Live: Great and Ridiculous

Never have I laughed as much, while also genuinely enjoying something, that wasn’t a comedy, as while watching Peter Gabriel’s Growing Up Live DVD.  One of my first summers in Austin, my brother, a friend, and I, watched this DVD almost every night while maybe, or maybe not, being on various substances.  It’s fucking ridiculous.  He is dressed in an all black ninja outfit, while bald and looking like your uncle.  He, at various times, performs in a giant ball, while walking upside down, riding a bike, and while wearing a suit of lights, among other things.  (The suit of light is featured above in Sledgehammer.)  He gives serious sounding speeches about things like playing music with apes.  (Lead in to Animal Nation.)  Although he clearly understands the absurdity up to a point, you are never sure that he completely gets it.  (Band members are crying while playing Animal Nation, yes the very same song about playing music with apes.)

That all being said, the music is fantastic.  Gabriel is a great songwriter with an incredible band.  The arrangements are exciting and inventive.  The playing is top-notch.  The range of emotions expressed runs the gamut.  I am a genuine fan of his and I keep waiting for him to put out a new album of original music.

If you are looking to watch a concert that is genuinely entertaining, this is one I can’t help but recommend.  In fact it is probably one of the most entertaining I have ever seen.  It’s absurd, ridiculous, artistic, comical, and beautiful all at the same time.