Going On Tour in Louisiana

Shinyribs Tour Dates

The hour is getting late, but I wanted to mention that tomorrow I will be going on tour with Shinyribs in the great state of Louisiana.  The above link is to the Shinyribs tour page featuring dates, venues, etc.

The new Shinyribs album will be out soon.  Tonight I just heard the final version of it for the first time, so I know that it does indeed exist!

I am bringing my computer with me so that I can blog from the road.  Posting has been slightly slow the last few days.  This is partially due to the fact that I am making some structural changes to Windup Wire that I need to make.  I will comment on those  soon enough.

In the future when all’s well…


Bryan Ferry Knows How to Make an Entrance

My brother and I get a good laugh every time we watch this Roxy Music concert (The High Road), especially when Bryan Ferry makes his entrance.  I’m convinced that no one thinks Bryan Ferry is as sweet as Bryan Ferry thinks he is, but that is actually part of what makes him great.  The song he makes his entrance to is The Main Thing off Roxy Music’s Avalon, which is a fantastic late night record.  It is unique sonically and has greatly influenced modern music.  (Listen to Avalon and then listen to the new War On Drugs record that critics are raving about for proof.)

Bonus Points:  If you watch the whole concert, pay attention to the band, especially the percussionist.  Cocaine is a hell of a drug!

All ATX – The British Invasion and Weekend Tour Dates

All ATX – The British Invasion

Tonight at 9pm Central the PBS station in Austin will be showing the All ATX – British Invasion tribute show.  I participated in this event with Shinyribs and Shawn Sahm.  I also somehow got to sneak out on stage for the final number and sing backup vocals with Eric Burdon and The Animals.  (Try getting the words right, even to a song you know very well, when Eric Burdon is a few feet from you!  It was surreal.)  A multi-hour show was cut down to 56 minutes, so I have no idea what footage will even make the final cut.  I also volunteered to make some political phone calls today, so I don’t have time to research how and if this footage will be available to those of you not in the Austin area.  However, I thought I would at least mention that it is on tonight, because there were some really great performances at this event.

I’ll also be on the road with Shinyribs this weekend.  You can view the dates here:

Shinyribs Shows Page

In the future when all’s well…


More Scenes From Touring

If you want a good many laughs, and a view into temporary insanity, I can’t recommend Henry Rollins Get in the Van enough.  Although the early 80’s hardcore scene is far crazier than anything I have ever witnessed, there is something in the dark fatalistic humor of the book that captures touring better than anything I have ever seen or read.  I know I have mentioned it before, but I am thinking about it on my way to Oklahoma city. 

When you tour it is like living in dog years.  Time slows to a crawl.  I am not trying to romanticize touring, quite the opposite.   There may be some that love every moment of it, but to me my passion for music makes it something that I tolerate.  I am not saying that there aren’t great moments, nor am I complaining.  It simply is a mountain that needs to be climbed to reach the golden city of music.  It is mostly my ability to disconnect,  to float away into books and records, that allows me to keep climbing. 

I am an introvert by nature.  Being in a crowd, even if I am having a great time, diminishes my energy instead of restoring it.  I purposely need to retreat into an autistic cave of solitude at times to make it through the day.  (Hat pulled down over eyes and headphones on.)

But lord I love being creative, playing with great musicians, and diving into the world of music.  I can never hear enough of the stuff.  I live with headphones on.  I could play a two hour set and the first thing I want to do after is listen to a record.  I love the world of recorded sound.  I have ever since I was a kid.  While some friends obsessed over sports stats, I was up in my room reading music magazines and listening to albums. 

When some people tell me that I am bold to follow my dreams, I thank them, but I know the truth:  My passion for music borders on obsession, and I have no other choice.  It isn’t much different than an alcoholic slithering over to a bar as soon as it is open.  Reason and courage play no part.  I give into my addiction and follow it down the rabbit hole. 

Scenes From Before and After a Show

I just watched a documentary about Quiet Riot in the hotel.  It was like watching Spinal Tap, without the laughs.  People that had no clue doing things that had no point.  Watching it with a severe hangover made me think of razor blades and a tub.  “Should I even go to the gig tonight”, I thought,  “or should I do some angel dust and float away into a delusional dream?”  When they put a character in a straight jacket on their debut album, they probably didn’t realize they would be creating this kind of insanity in 2015. 

It did prompt me to read about other over-the-hill 80’s hair bands.  Drug addictions, colostomy bags, fading fortunes, and diminishing returns were all accounted for.  It was like a musical version of the movie The Wrestler

It is time to take the stage here in Fort Worth.  Let me play well, and dear Lord let me have some sense of things if the deal ever goes down.  Onward and upward, for awhile…


Young girls dance in an Indian summer.  Despite my brain feeling like a bleach soaked sponge from last night’s revelry, I play a flawless set.  Rock n roll doesn’t seem quite as absurd.  People tell me I am living the American dream, despite an extremely light wallet that I am all too aware of.  It was a good night all in all.  I am not the kind of person that feels validated by the applause of a crowd, though it beats crickets chirping.  I will sleep the sleep of the dead and arise like Jesus from the tomb tomorrow.  24 hours from now I will be on the tail end of a show in Oklahoma City.  Who knows what the future will bring.  I have learned to live a couple hours at a time.  In the moment pure mutant animalistic survival is achieved.  And in this world, to ask for anything more, would just be greedy…

On Tour This Weekend

Going on tour this weekend with Shinyribs.  I’ll be in Fort Worth tonight, Oklahoma City tomorrow, and Dallas On Saturday.  For details go to:

Shinyribs Show Schedule

I’m bringing my computer so that I can keep posting at a regular rate.  Today may be a little slow as I am trying to get ready to go on the road with a crushing hangover.  Life!

If you read this blog on a regular basis and want to say hi and talk about a certain topic or issue, please do.

In the future when all’s well…


Live in Austin With Ramsay Midwood, Jan. 28th

I wanted to mention to any of you in the Austin area that I’ll be performing solo, with drummer/percussionist Alex Moralez backing me up, at the Google Fiber building tomorrow at 4:00pm.  (201 Colorado)  We will be performing before the great Ramsay Midwood.  There will be free food and drink at this event as well.  I have worked with Ramsay in the past and he is one of my absolute favorite acts to catch live.  Hope to see some of you there as this is a show that I’m extremely happy to be a part of.

Here is one of my favorite Midwood tracks and videos: