Shinyribs and No Show Ponies Dates

I’ll be appearing tomorrow night in Austin at the Saxon Pub with No Show Ponies.  Our set begins at 10pm sharp.

Hear our new album at

Unfortunately, tonight’s Blues on the Green show with Shinyribs has been rescheduled for 8/13.  This show also will take place in Austin, Texas.



Replacements Reunion Clip

A write up on one of the Replacements reunion shows.  If you read along to the end there is a great clip of Bastards of Young.  I am hoping I get to see them at ACL this year.  I have seen Paul and Tommy individually,  but never together playing those songs.  Would be a dream….

New Morrissey Lyrics

Mad in Madrid
Ill in Seville
Lonely in Barcelona
Then someone tells you and you cheer

Hooray, hooray
The bullfighter dies
Hooray, hooray
The bullfighter dies
And nobody cries
Nobody cries
Because we all want the bull to survive

Gaga in Málaga
No mercy in Murcia
Mental in Valencia
Then someone tells you and you cheer

Hooray, hooray
The bullfighter dies
Hooray, hooray
The bullfighter dies
And nobody cries
Nobody cries
Because we all want the bull to survive

The Bullfighter Dies from Morrissey’s upcoming World Peace is None of Your Business.  The live versions of three of the new Morrissey songs can be found on YouTube.  The songs you can hear are World Peace is None of Your Business, The Bullfighter Dies, and Earth is the Loneliest Planet.  This one sounds like a classic pop song with his usual flair for drama.  I definitely had a good laugh while listening to the song for the first time.  I only wish the record were out today.  Just thought I’d post these for those of you that are also fans.

Benefit and Birthday Party Tonight

I try to limit the amount of posts that I have on here promoting stuff.  Although in this day and age one must promote ones work however they can, I also want this site to have value to readers in and of itself.  Otherwise there is no reason to come here!

However, my band No Show Ponies is playing a very special event tonight in Austin.  We are playing a birthday event at Roadhouse Rags for a friend that has also has been diagnosed with cancer.  The show is free and you can BYOB, but they will be taking donations if you are willing and able.  There will also be potluck food.

This will also be the last show at Roadhouse Rags.  It is another old school Austin venue that is going away.  It is one of the first places I played when I first moved to Austin about 9 years ago.

So if you are in Austin and want to have a celebratory night of fun, we will be out there…

Slouching Towards Heaven

They’re lining up in numbers
They’re driving there in droves
Cars veering off the highway
Some take a lethal dose

Me, I’m slowly fading
With every line on my face
I’m slouching towards heaven
At my own pace

Feels like the dream is over
The fall that comes after the pride
No more keeping up with the Joneses
When you are trying just to survive

I’m gonna drink mint juleps
While the empire fades
I’m slouching towards heaven
At my own pace

Glory O
Glory O
If the decline comes fast
Then salvation comes slow

Down at the Legion Bar
Will you hold me tight?
As the band plays America the Beautiful
We can pretend everything is all right

The Home of the Bloated
Was once The Home of the Brave
We’re slouching towards heaven
At our own pace

Glory O
Glory O
If the decline comes fast
Salvation comes slow

These are the lyrics to a new song No Show Ponies will be playing tonight at Strange Brew in Austin, Texas.  Show starts at 10pm.  Please come out and join us.

Shameless Self Promotion

This weekend I will be appearing at Strange Brew with No Show Ponies in Austin, Texas at 10pm.  Strange Brew was voted the best sounding room in Austin.  This is a really important show for us and we would be greatly appreciative if any of you in the area could make the journey out Friday night.  We will be unveiling several new compositions and giving away a limited number of free downloads of our new album A Manual for Defeat to those of you that make it out.

You can listen to what we do at

I will also be appearing tonight with Shinyribs in Bryan, Texas.  We will be at the Grand Stafford Theater.

This weekend Shinyribs will be appearing at Old Settler’s Festival on both Saturday and Sunday.

You can learn more about Shinyribs at


Thoughts From the Road

I have been on the road with Shinyribs the last few days.  I am pretty good at this kind of travel, but it means doing what I need to do to survive.  I have many traits that are classic introvert.  Being around people all the time wears me out.  I am not shy, and I am always up for meeting new and interesting people, but I need that quiet alone time to balance it out.  Reading books and listening to headphones when I get the chance is essential.  I always intend to blog, but I always find my spare time, which there isn’t a whole lot of, is best spent diving into my own world.  It is self indulgence as coping mechanism.  I know people that thrive off being the center of attention.  There is nothing wrong with that, as it is just the way those people are chemically wired.  I would be lying if I said I had no ego and desired no recognition.  It is always nice to hear that one has done a good job.  However, I don’t get the physical high off it that I see others get.  I do appreciate it, very much so, when people come out, support what we do, and even pay attention to my contributions.  Even reaching one person in a crowd seems like a small victory.  There is something magical about even knowing you brought something new to even one soul.  But the thing that keeps me going is the creative process and the interaction with other musicians.  If you see me out at a gig, I am always happy to chat.  I look forward to hearing a new take on something.  However, it is in my nature to wait till others come to me.  What some may view as being shy or indifferent, is really me just trying to surive as best I can in this strange business. 

I hope to be able to get to posting regularly when I return tomorrow.  In the future when all’s well…

Onstage Volume

Shinyribs played a really great gig the other day at Brentwood Elementary School.  It was great because before us kids from the School of Rock played.  You should have seen these kids!  They were playing 70’s and 80’s rock and metal and simply killing it.  One of the songs that they did was a version of Metallica’s Seek and Destroy that was note for note perfect, and I mean with the shredding solos and everything.  These kids were better than most of the bands I see around Austin! 

One of the things that was also great about their show was seeing aggressive hard rock and metal played with a really clear sound out front sound.  They were loud, but never too loud.  This had to do with the players and their stage volume, the sound guy, and the fact that the show was outside.  But it is very rare to hear that type of music where the mix is clear.  So many bands mistake volume for aggression or attitude.  Yes, there are certain bands like My Bloody Valentine whose sound is derived from playing at extreme volumes, but bands like that are actually rare.  Many bands that are inexperienced, or have experience and are ignorant, destroy their sound with too much volume.  You end up hearing overtones and a giant wash of sound instead of the things that people are actually playing.  Whenever I walk into a bar and the music is too loud I usually leave.  Every once in awhile you will see a really loud band that is also happens to be really great.  However, most of the time if the band is too loud they are over compensating for something.  You know that feeling, when you walk into a club and it just sounds like someone is putting a microphone on a vacuum cleaner. 

I grew up on heavy metal music.  There are so many neat intricate technical things that go into that form of music.  I just broke out Anthrax’s Sound of White Noise the other day and I enjoy that album every time I hear it.  The guitar playing is so aggressive and the sound is so clear and crisp on that record.  But if a band were to play something like that in a small club at concert volume, all those intricate riffs would just be lost in a wash of noise. 

I’m talking about heavy metal because that music is associated with aggression and volume, but really any form of music would do that has a drum kit and an electric guitar.  If you spend all those hours practicing and perfecting what you do, I would imagine you actually want people to hear what you have come up with.  It’s a crying shame is something good were to go unnoticed because it got lost in a haze of noise. 

The other thing that you realize you lose when you play too loudly is dynamics.  When one person on stage is playing to loudly every else seems to match their volume.  People are trying to hear themselves above the din.  Those subtle dynamics that make music really exciting get tossed out the window! 

Except for a couple large outdoor shows where backline has been provided, I never use anything live but a single 15 inch Ampeg combo cabinet with my bass.  The instances where I felt I needed more have been few and far between.   Guess what, at all of those larger venues, there is a direct out on my amp that can pump it straight through the PA.  A 15 generally gives me all the stage volume that I need.  Anything larger would just be for show and would just be added gear that I would need to hump in and out of clubs all the time.  Anyone tells you that you need more than that, who isn’t playing to at least a thousand people on a regular basis, is either lying, clueless, or deaf. 

The Hard Pans

Started out late
In my dirty plaid coat
Watched my heel
Lift the dead satin dress
From the ground
One day I touched it with my hands
And it scattered like scared birds
By 3am. they were pigeons
With drinking problems and bad luck
On god’s front porch
Where the wind
Is dense with insects
Where the wind
Is dense with bugs
Made of coffee and guitars

Plaid Coat by The Gourds.  I didn’t get to see many shows during SXSW this year.  My schedule was pretty busy.  When other bands were playing I seemed to be coming or leaving or talking to a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile.  The one show I did make a point to watch was The Hard Pans.  This is Jimmy Smith and Claude Bernard from The Gourds new band.  Mark Creaney, who did sound for The Gourds, is also a member.  His guitar playing was excellent.  Robert Quine and certain moments of Neil Young came to mind when he took a lead.  There was also a moment when him and Claude did a Thin Lizzy harmony guitar part.  The show as a whole was easily the best thing I saw at SXSW.  It’s rare that you see anything that feels familiar and right as the best rock n roll does, but still somehow manages to be completely unique.  I thought in their honor I would post the lyrics to Jimmy’s Plaid Coat.  I always thought the lyrics were pure poetry.