Deeper Water Live

Yesterday I reviewed the newest Public Image Ltd. album, This is Pil (2012).  This is Public Image Ltd. performing Deeper Water, from that album, live.  Other than that little sequenced part in the background, which is on record as well, the four of them are able to duplicate their studio recording completely live.  I have read that they will be working on a brand new album starting this year.  Lets hope that the rumor holds true.  I love Lu Edmonds guitar playing.  John Lydon is still in fine voice at almost 60.  Public Image Ltd. isn’t for everyone, but for those of you willing to take the journey, they are one of the true originals.

If you scroll down you will see the very first PIL single, Public Image, down below.  It came out a little over 36 years ago!  

Shows, Shows, Shows

This is a rundown of this week’s Shinyribs show, as well as current upcoming solo gigs.

Shinyribs this week (All Texas):

Thursday – Fort Worth – Capital Bar – 9pm – Free Show
Friday – Lubbock – The Blue Light – 11pm
Saturday – Roscoe – The Lumberyard – 8pm

Kev will also be playing at the Volcano in Houston tonight at 8pm I believe.  This is a solo show and I will not be making it.

Get more info at:

Solo gigs on the books are at Strange Brew in ATX:

November 5th – 6pm – with Kacy Crowley
December 21st – 4pm – with Kacy Crowley

Basically the gigs with Kacy are song swaps, although my partner in crime, Alex Moralez, comes out and plays drums, and I will play bass when Kacy is singing.  I am working on building a solo website, but it will probably take a little time as I am pretty busy between gigs and working on a campaign to get public transportation passed in Austin.  I love Austin, but the traffic here is pretty hellish.  If we could fix that it would be a huge step forward.  We are trying to get the first major step in public transportation passed this November, but all the usual people are fighting it.  The city is supposed to double in size by 2040, so if we don’t do something now it is going to only get worse.

So anyway, at some point I will build a website, and I should have footage of the TV show I did coming to me so that y’all can here what my solo material sounds like.  I hope to make an album at some point next year, as soon as possible.  Working on getting more solo gigs which I will hopefully announce soon.

in the future when all’s well…


Rollins Band Live

I almost wrote a review of the new Jackson Browne today, which I love, but I felt I needed at least one more day of listening to do it justice.  I have also been listening to a lot of Rollins Band and Black Flag.  This is extremely aggressive music, but it is also really musical.  In both bands you have musicians that can flat out play.  I know that Henry Rollins is a controversial figure because of things he has said.  He has even said things that I deem really stupid at times.  But he has made a lot of really great music and, as I have said before, he seems intellectually honest and capable of change.  In Black Flag he was picked, but in his own band, when he has picked the musicians he has worked with, his taste has been impeccable.  The above is a live version of Tearing from, in my opinion, Rollins Band’s masterpiece, The End of Silence.

A Little Bit of Magic

I have just put up over 900 posts since I started this blog in August of last year.  Slowly, but surely, the amount of people coming here has grown.  I can’t thank all of you enough for spending time here.

The first thought I have when I write something is, “Why would anyone care?”  I can only hope that there is enough people out there that have somewhat similar interests to me.  I’m throwing baseballs blindly over a wall and hoping that there are people on the other side to catch them.  I have only kept writing in public because of those of you that keep coming back.

Last night I played music in front of what looked like a couple thousand people at a festival in Conroe, Texas.  However, I have played plenty of nights where there were maybe five or ten people in the audience.  No matter what I try to always play my best.  When we read we read alone.  How many times have you gone to a movie and been one of the only people in the theater?  There is still that chance that that book or movie or album or live performance might connect with someone.  I can think of all the times that something connected with me in an important way when there was no one else to experience it.  Everyone matters.  If you do something and it even reaches even one person it has value.  That person’s life has as much value as your own or anyone else’s.  A connection with even one other soul has a little bit of magic in it.  As long as someone keeps coming back I will keep writing.

Thanks again to all of you that keep coming here.  If you would be kind enough to tell other’s of my writing I would be eternally grateful.

In the future when all’s well…


Thoughts From After a Big Show

Home by yourself after the big show.  The applause is temporary, like a cool summer rain storm.  It is refreshing and pleasant, but sooner later the sun will come out and bake everything, as if that rain never existed.  Instead of being let down by this idea, I accept it.  There is no use in life thrashing about over things you absolutely cannot change.  There is too much that you can change and direct your excess energy towards.  Growing older and death are just things that are going to happen. Better strap it on.  Use that fear and anger and direct it at the bastards that are taking this short sweet thing called life and ruining it through their greed.  They’ll try to distract you with their commercials that play upon your insecurities, and control you with their leaders and organized muscle, and threaten you with their labyrinthine laws and Victorian punishments.  If you learn to accept the worst in the natural world, that growing older and death of which every living thing must face, these fuckers simply have nothing on you.  Their power becomes impotent if you learn to not be afraid.  They will have to fear YOU.

Mary Coughlan’s version of Nobody from her album After the Fall comes on.  It is beauty incarnate.

I ain’t never done nothin’ to nobody,I ain’t never got nothin’ from nobody, no time!

Coughlan sings as if she is the song.  So many singers sound as if they are singing for a paycheck, but Coughlan is the real deal.  The song, in a lesser singer’s hands, could be self pitying and trite.  She makes it sound defiant.  You are alone, but you are self realized.  You know where you stand.  You are defeated, but you have survived.

That’s what good music can do.  You can be completely alone and isolated, but somewhere in the world at some point, someone committed to a recording this little burst of emotion that tells you that they felt the same way.  You are no longer alone.  There is a connection of the heart across space and time.  Even if you were locked in a cell, that melody is with you, and those words, lifting the spirt.  Your body is somewhere, but your mind is somewhere else.  You are in that darkly lit club with Coughlan.  And even if she can’t see you, you can hear her voice, and see that look in her eye, and despite your drab surroundings, you know there is something more than this, behind the veil.

Threadgills Tonight


Tonight I’ll be playing Threadgills in Austin with Shinyribs.  The link above is to the show information.  Threadgills is one of my favorite hangs and places to see music in Austin.  I don’t always come across in person as super approachable, but this is not by design.  If you see me and want to discuss, argue, condemn, or debate anything I have written here I am always up for a good conversation.