Koch Brother’s Advocacy Groups Projected to Spend Nearly $1 Billion in Next Election

Koch Back Network Aims to Spend Nearly $1 Billion in 2016

The above article is a Huffington Post about how political advocacy groups connected to the Koch brothers are projected to spend nearly a billion dollars on the 2016 election.  If you wonder how we can have a Senate where almost 50% of Senators believe that human behavior does not contribute to climate change, among other senseless beliefs, look no further.  It is fucking troubling…

Over at Rolling Stone – Divesting in Big Carbon and Roy Bittan Interview

Read two interesting articles this morning over at Rolling Stone Magazine

Why We Have to Kiss Off Big Carbon

Above  is an article over at Rolling Stone that is about why it makes environmental and economic sense to divest in companies that contributing to climate change.

Here below is an article that is an interview with E Street band keyboardist Roy Bittan.  For all of the years that I have listened to the E Street Band, I don’t think I have read more than thee or four Roy Bittan interviews.  I’ve always loved the way he played piano.  Interview:

Roy Bittan Looks Back On 40 Years in the E Street Band

Anti-Science Know Nothing America Helping Doom World


Senators Don’t Believe Human Caused Climate Change

Fourteen of the fifteen hottest years on record have occurred since the year 2000, yet we now have a Senate in which 49 of its members are unwilling to tie climate change to human behavior, despite overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary.  If this were a movie no one would believe it, unless it was a comedy.  We are a laughing stock to most of the intelligent world, yet so many of our citizens bury their heads in the sand.  (This bunch was just elected and reelected.)  Anyone that has young children or is thinking of having them should be weeping openly in public. If we don’t act soon, we are willingly bequeathing future generations a world that will resemble a flaming ball of shit.  If I sound angry, I am.  This idiocracy is the result of greed and laziness and people that can’t be bothered with anything that isn’t in their narrow little field of view.  We let the 1% buy so many of our elections.  We sit idly by as the rich destroy education and turn our people into a nation of retarded couch potatoes.  These powerful few are making monkeys out of us and no one cares.  If no one was going to procreate again, I could say we had it coming.  However, people that are babies now, or those that have not been born, are innocent of these ridiculous crimes.  And yes, what we are doing is a crime.  We are harming other people and future generations just so we can drive big cars around town while fueling destruction and our own egos.  In a democracy the many have power over the few, but in order for that to be so the many need to pay attention and actually try to figure out what is really going on.  If they don’t soon it is game over…

Pope Francis Vs. The Theocons

Francis Vs. the Theocons Round III

Andrew Sullivan has an interesting article about Pope Francis, the Pope’s encyclical on climate change, and the far right’s anger over the Pope’s stance on climate change.  It should be mentioned that Sullivan is a Catholic.  A sample:

The theocons created an abstract fusion of GOP policy and an unrecognizable form of Christianity that saw money as a virtue, the earth as disposable, and the poor as invisible. It couldn’t last, given the weight of Christian theology and tradition marshaled against it. And it hasn’t. Francis is, moreover, indistinguishable on this issue from Benedict XVI and even John Paul II. As in so many areas, it’s the American far right whose bluff is finally being called.

Obama, State of the Union, Thug Life

The internet can be an endless black hole of distraction.  I try, although I’m sure I fail at times, to post things that have some value, that will give you something to ponder over.  However, when I saw the above video during dinner I almost spit my drink out!

I watched the State of the Union earlier this evening on YouTube as I was busy last night.  It’s amazing that some of the things he discussed during his section on the economy are even up for debate.  Who are the scrooges that wouldn’t want childcare to be more affordable, for women to not make equal pay for equal work, and for minimum wage to not be raised?  These seem like such common sense proposals, ones that would help so many people who are struggling.  They seem to me like proposals based in common decency.

I was also greatly happy to see his stance on climate change.  Talk to scientists that actually study climate change.  The fact that it is here and that humans are contributing to it are indisputable.  If we don’t do something about it our generation will not be remembered fondly in the history books.

Watching the State of the Union I was reminded why I voted twice for Obama.  Although there have been policies that I have not agreed with, I still think we have been extremely lucky to have him at the helm during these very trying years.

The Anti-Science Congress

Congress to Add 56 Climate Skeptics

This article from Think Progress is about how the new Congress will add 56 people that either deny climate change or question the science behind it.  This is when 97% of scientists have reached agreement on this topic.  This is after a year that globally is possibly the warmest year in recorded history.  Did we really just elect a bunch of people that deny overwhelming scientific evidence?   Is the earth flat?  Does the sun revolve around the earth?  Are we still in the Middle Ages?   Maybe these congressional wizards can bring new light to these questions as well…