“Stay” Single Release by The Savage Poor

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Oh and before we go any further, if you are going to listen to the song on your computer, or your smart phone, please dear god use headphones or connect it to some decent speakers.  Even the Beatles sound like shite screeching through some tinny device speakers.  Modern life!  

My band The Savage Poor has just release the new single “Stay”.  For the music fan, I put credits and an image you can use as a digital cover down at the bottom.  Please feel free to share this song with as many people as you like.  It’s free!  My brother wrote this about it, as it was released on Labor Day, while I was out on tour:

In honor of Labor Day, The Savage Poor is sharing a new single called “Stay” at thesavagepoor.com. “Stay” was recorded at the band’s rehearsal space in Austin, TX and mixed remotely by Jeff Brown whilst visiting the Pacific Northwest. 

“Stay” is something of a rarity in the band’s current repertoire, as it deals explicitly with the complex, mosaic emotions of adult relationships–accentuated by imagery from the Fall of Man and the Garden of Eden. While many of the band’s current songs look outward to the problems, absurdities, and inequalities of the modern world, “Stay” looks ever inward. 

The song is an open-field tackle on the battlefield of internal struggle–wrapping one’s arms around another as an act of both fortification against and embrace of the unknowable abyss. 

I wanted to write a song for someone that means a lot to me, but I always keep in mind Larry David’s maxim to “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.  How many people really want to know how happy someone makes you?  I had to find an angle.

I wanted to cast love as the ultimate subversive act.  In a universe where all roads lead to oblivion, in a world of impermanence, what could be more defiant than choosing to give your heart over to something, to believe in everlasting love?  If not defying God, at least defying “the gods” in the Greek sense.  What was Prometheus punished for if not for bringing warmth and light to man?

I’ve always been fascinated with the Garden of Eden myth.  It can be a beautiful and poetic way of telling the story of childhood.  We grow up in the Garden, with the wonder of a child, to be cast out with a loss of innocence as we become adults.  At the same time, there is some absurd patriarchal shit going on in that story.  A woman was created out of a man’s rib?  Tell me some Stone Age motherfucker didn’t insert that so he could have a little more control of the household!

So I figured a retelling of that story would be the perfect vehicle for all of these ideas to come together.  Our story unfolds…


Eternity Dreamed
And then we awoke
In some beautiful, cosmic joke
With a hole in our hearts
But hearts all the same
Yearning to hear a lover’s name

Oh I know you’ll go
We all leave alone
But with you here today
Tomorrow fades away

Stay, while you can
You make it all seem part of some plan

We found fruit in the trees
Fish in the streams
We ran through the Garden unaware
We mapped out the stars
Named Venus and Mars
We found patterns when there were no patterns there

Oh I know you’ll go
We all leave alone
But with you here today
Tomorrow fades away

Stay, while you can
You make it all seem part of some plan

They say you came from my rib
Well, that’s just a fib
I could never create anything so beautiful
You took the apple from the tree
I hope your conscience is free
‘Cause I’d do it again and again and again and again

Stay, while you can
You make it all seem part of some plan


Song performed, arranged, and produced by The Savage Poor

Ben Brown:  Electric lead and rhythm guitar, harmony vocal
Roger Wuthrich: bass
Alex Moralez: drums
Jeff Brown: Electric rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, lead vocals, percussion, sound effects

Sleeve Concept Roger Wuthrich and Ben Brown
Sleeve Design and layout Roger Wuthrich

Song recorded and mixed by Jeff Brown

Song written by Jeff Brown
Copyright 2016
Publishing: End of Feel Good Music ASCAP

stay cover 1 album x

Thanks to my fellow band members and other musician friends for the great mixing advice while I was traveling!!!

Touring and More

Heading to Montana and back over the next week on tour with Shinyribs.   Like whenever I go on tour I come stacked with books and records to digest.  Countless hours in a van, often without service, leave me with a focus that I don’t always have when at home, especially when it comes to reading.

I haven’t watched any of the conventions.  I have read about them and checked out small clips.  Partially this is because I don’t have cable.  But a lot of it is also preservation of sanity.   I tried to watch Donald Trump’s speech and realized that watching that man speak for an hour and fifteen minutes was a hell I didn’t need to conjure up for myself.  I have long known whom I would be voting for, and any information is now for sheer entertainment value.  If I can’t watch Trump for an hour plus, I can’t watch him for four years.  Dear God in heaven, no!

I’m interested to see the speeches from last night, and perhaps I will, but preparing for a tour left me running around like an ape on speed.

I voted for Sanders, I think the DNC acted shamefully, but cannot understand those that want to sit the election out.  (I honestly wasn’t surprised or shocked by the DNC scandal as much as I don’t like it.  Believing politics isn’t a dirty business is like believing faries are real.)   In politics you have to hold opposing thoughts at the same time.  You have to imagine a better world to strive for and deal with the reality in front of you at the same time.  The DNC is corrupt and needs reformed and the candidate of the DNC is easily the better of the two roads before us.  Just because one road is long and winding doesn’t mean the other path is better.  I’d rather go over the mountain than take the tunnel with the werewolf in it.  Only one leads to grandma’s house, even if it takes longer than we thought.

Funnily enough I was watching Madmen with my brother this week.  In it they show one of Nixon’s law and order commercials.  You could have just swapped Trump’s name in for Nixon and it could have been now.  Don’t tell me who wants to take us backwards.






The Origins of White Trash

The Origins of “White Trash

This is one of the most interesting articles I have read in awhile.  History Professor Nancy Isenberg is interviewed over at Salon about her new book, White Trash.

She sheds light on how class-consciousness, as well as racism, has been with us since the founding of the country.  She also delves into how poor whites and poor blacks have been pitted against other by those that have neithers’ interests at heart.



Marah On Tour

One of the best American rock bands, Marah, is going on tour this weekend.  They will first be in Fort Wayne on the 9th, Indiana, and next be in Chicago for two shows.  (10th, 11th)  If you are in either one of those areas I highly recommend going.  I will be very jealous of you.

I will admit that I am making a record with Dave and Christine of Marah right now, but I assure you that I am not biased in any way.  I had all of the Marah records long before any kind of friendship was established.

Drop whatever plans you had and go.  You won’t regret it.  Here are the details:

Marah Shows Page

That’s Life

I have been on tour for the last two weeks, greatly diminishing my ability to write.  Touring doesn’t always do this, but I’ve been a little under the weather this tour, leaving me blankly staring at the wall between gigs.  I’ve been to Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, and Tennessee.  I’ve read a Lou Reed biography and am now reading a Prince biography.  I’ve listened to more hours of music than I could possibly count.

Ted Cruz has fallen by the wayside, as Donald Trump has risen.  Bernie Sanders still hangs on by the skin of his teeth.

Do I really want to live in a world where Prince is dead and Donald Trump represents the face of one of our two main political parties?  It seems like some weird sci-fi movie where someone went into the past and fucked something up.  But it is here and it is now and that’s life.

I’ve read some interesting articles:

Andrew Sullivan tries to make sense of the rise of Trump.  I don’t agree with everything in his article, but it is a brilliant piece of writing that deserves to be pondered.  Sullivan dives into history and political theory to try and communicate just how dangerous Donald Trump is at this moment in our history.

Brittney Cooper has an interesting piece over at Salon that uses the death of Prince to talk about how our economy and culture has not only devalued black lives, but literature, music, and art as well.



There is more, so much more, but right now I need to get my day underway before I head out to a sound check.  Just a few records worth checking out:

Kanye West – The Life of Pablo – West continues his winning streak.  For all those of you that don’t understand, West simply dreams bigger, goes further than most recording artists hight now.  He is simply one of the best producers and creates gigantic, imaginative soundscapes.  This record mixes the sacred and profane on equal levels.  A futuristic gospel record with lots of swearing?  Something like that.

The Wedding Present – Seamonsters – An early 90’s album that got lost in the shuffle between 80’s rock and the 90’s alternative movement.  A devastating series of relationship songs recorded by Steve Albini.  The textures of this album are so vivid that you feel like the album is in 3D, like you could chew on them.

Prince – 1999 – Never forget that Prince is a great album artist.  One of the things that I find shocking with this album is how he is using technology that is completely of its time, yet somehow hasn’t aged.  He is using synthesizers and drum machines that are now long outdated, but he uses them so well that it never for a second gets in the way of the enjoyment of the record.  Also for an artist often associated with sex, one should always remember that his music was always stuffed full of ideas as well.  The title track ends with a group of voices intoning, “Mommy, why does everybody have a bomb?”  I only wish there were more modern artists subverting our radio stations.




On Tour and New Single

On tour for the next two and a half weeks with Shinyribs.  We are touring the South.  Get dates here.

Taking with me a large group of books and records which I am excited to discuss.  Today is not the day as most of the day will be spent in the van.

I will also soon be announcing some of the first dates of my new project soon.  Check out our new free single Everyday American Thoughts here:

Everyday American Thoughts – New Single Release

What Goes On

I recently added a music page to this site.  (The link is below at the bottom of the page.)  I’ve mentioned that I am going to start releasing a series of digital singles I recorded at home.  These will lead up to a studio album later this year that is already underway.   I hope to have a new single out sometime in the next week or so, depending on how soon I can complete overdubs.

A lot of my spare time has gone into musical endeavors, but writing will commence here soon enough.  I’ve written a couple pieces about the election, but I’ve scrapped them.  What is going on often seems so absurd that it is hard to find the right words to describe it.  I have thoughts on it, but I don’t want to just contribute more noise.  The world is not lacking in noise right now.  Anytime I watch the national media, cable especially, I feel like someone has put a police siren next to my head, scrambling all thoughts.


My Music

I stole the title above from the Velvet Underground song:

Native Americans and Slavery

Native Americans and Slavery

A really fascinating article about the participation and victimization of Native Americans in the slave trade.  As much as I have read about Native Americans and the slave trade, a great deal of this article was still new to myself.  Yet none of it surprises me.  The history of Native people’s has always been infinitely more complex than is often acknowledged in our society.  I couldn’t help but think while reading the article that this is what unrestricted free markets look like.  (Well almost unrestricted, as there were only certain people that could be slaves at certain times.)  It is the power of the strong over the weak.  I think it is worth noting that on the very day this article was put out it was announced that 62 people hold more wealth than the bottom 3.5 billion.

A Strange Goodbye to David Bowie

Let me tell you a story.  During Christmas break I made an album with my brother, drummer Alex Moralez, and Dave and Christine from Marah.  (They produced, engineered, and played some of the instruments.)  It was recorded in their farmhouse in rural PA.  This isn’t really a story of that record, which is yet to come.  One of the songs I demoed was called Hand Coming Down.  (The title, as the song, was changed at the last minute.)  On the demo it has a bluesy feel, sounding somewhat like some of the work Paul Westerberg has done in the last 10 yrs, but slightly spookier.  It is a one chord song, which Dave had encouraged me to write some months earlier, long before there were any plans to work together.  The thing about a one chord song is that, due to its simplicity, you can take it almost anywhere.

Through the collective will of everyone, we decided to take it in more of a European direction.  Bands like The Cure, Joy Division, and Bauhaus were mentioned.  The musical track, recorded live, but without vocals, turned infinitely more spooky and menacing.

I sang the demo version, but when it came time to cut the vocal for it, I knew my brother was the only one that could do the vibe of the song justice.  We talked, before he cut it, about going in more of a David Bowie/Iggy Pop route vocally, as all of us love the work the two of them did together in the 70’s.  My brother knocked it out of the park.

The point of this story is not to talk about the record, but to point out that here in 2016, there is still music being made that is still directly influenced by the work that Bowie did many moons back.  We all know that, and we know it will continue.  Just last year I became fully reimbursed in the recordings of Bowie’s Berlin period.  This year, I started to also reinvestigate the albums that he made with Iggy Pop.  My brother has long been a torch bearer for Bowie’s work.

And although I see the world as random, last night, as I mentioned in my previous post, I was watching a movie about Marlene Dietrich.  The documentary was called Marlene.  In it she sings a slow melancholy version of Just a Gigolo.  Bowie is in the cafe with her, dressed stylishly, sitting at a table slightly removed from the main action.  It had a dreamy resigned quality to it.  And even though I don’t believe in such things, when I heard the news today, it seemed like last night the universe was speaking to me.  It was a goodbye to someone who’s work I have loved very much over the years.  It was one of those moments that makes you question things, if only for a moment, before you realize that you should know better…