The End of Climate Change Denialism?

Is this the beginning of the end of climate change denialism? via @Salon

I can only hope that this article has some truth to it.  If you look at most issues slowly but surely the human race becomes more just.  However what threatens to stop this slow climb to justice is the environmental issues that we face.  We can slowly fight for human rights, gay equality, peqce, etc.  However, eventually we will run out of time on environmental problems.  We don’t have the benefit of taking the long slow road to environmental justice.  If we don’t wake up soon, we will wake up in a world we wished we hadn’t.  

Body Count- Talk S**t, Get Shot (Official Music Video)

BODY COUNT – Talk S**t, Get Shot (Official Music …:

Many of you won’t understand why I love this video.  I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t make me laugh every time I watch it.  It has questionable morals, but it is a fantasy.  It is the musical equivalent of a grind house movie.  The Ice man is creating a violent fantasy in which those that anonymously talk shit on the internet are hunted down and killed for their deeds.  It’s so over-the-top that for me it crosses over into the realm of comedy.  Also, in an age of PC plastic popstars, I am happy that Ice-T and his heavy metal band Body Count dare to go to insane lengths to offend.  The album as a whole ping pongs back and forth between absurd fantasy and astute social commentary.  It was Bob Dylan himself that compared Ice-T’s poetry to throwing horses over cliffs.  He is just having fun.  Whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul, I can put on Body Count and find a cheap laugh and a twisted smile. 

An Interview With Terry Gilliam

Terry Gilliam: Hollywood is just “gray, frightened people” holding on for dear life
An interesting interview with one of my heroes, director Terry Gilliam. 

Terry Gilliam’s Work is Way More Influential Than You Think

Terry Gilliam’s Work is Way More Influential Than You Think

I’m really looking forward to seeing Gilliam’s new film The Zero Theorem.  The above article is an interesting article about how Gilliam has influenced the world of film.  Even if you don’t know who Gilliam is you have probably seen one of his films:  12 Monkeys, Time Bandits, Brazil, The Fisher King, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas just to name a few.  Gilliam was also a member of Monty Python.

The new film is a dystopian satire like Brazil.   I have read that the movie features things like a statue of Jesus with a security camera for a head.  Through grotesque imagery Gilliam is able to make the absurd parts of our world, yet ones that we have become desensitized to, seem new for the first time.  His fantasy is a critique of our reality.

From Grad School to Prison


This article is about a what a girl went through after she was arrested during the Occupy Wallstreet protests.    In the brief 24 hours I spent in jail, not even prison, I can confirm a great deal of what she says.  What I didn’t experience isn’t hard to imagine.  If you are wondering, I went to jail for a DUI, after passing a breathalyzer.  Any of you that are interested in our prison industrial complex should read Matt Taibbi’s The Great Divide.  It will make you ill.

Hat tip to my cousin Trish

The Empathy of David Mitchell


I am about three quarters of the way through the new David Mitchell book, The Bone Clocks.  Although there is always the possibility that Mitchell won’t land the ending, and the ending of anything matters, so far I can’t help but feel this book is a masterpiece.  At different times throughout the journey I was highly engrossed in an extremely realistic description of a journalist in the Iraq War, the life of a serf in Tsarist Russian, a dark comedy featuring a modern writer, and science fiction action scenes that seemed as if they came out of a blockbuster movie.  Those are just a few of the different styles and perspectives that Mitchell weaves seamlessly in this book.

Although I can’t claim to know exactly what goes on in Mitchell’s head, I feel that after reading all of his books, except for the small amount of this one to go, that there is a purpose to all of these different styles and characters.  I think Mitchell understands that the only tribe that matters is the human race.  Most of the time when human beings treat each other poorly, it is because they put their tribe first.  That tribe can be a political, religious, or ethnic tribe.  It is seeing themselves as being more important than someone else.  It is the ability to not be able to imagine oneself in another’s shoes, to feel enough empathy.  Mitchell takes us inside the head of many different kinds of people and he does so using many literary techniques.

Again, I want to hold off final judgment until I finish the book, but Mitchell might have just painted a masterpiece.  Mitchell uses many of the the same techniques that brought him such acclaim in Cloud Atlas, but if anything this book might actually might be more entertaining from story one.  I can’t put it down, and haven’t been able to since I started.  Stay tuned for more about this book in the future, but you might want to check it out yourself in the meantime.

Football Coach Consults College Professors


The above link is to a Wall Street Journal article about how football coach Chip Kelly uses college professors, from wide ranging disciplines, to try and enhance the performance of his players.  Kelly believes that academics can play a role in providing his team with a higher rate of victory.

Hat tip to the White Knight